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Indonesian Pumpkin




PT. Seed Origin International

+62 321 685 0834


Dusun Sampang gg 1, Desa Sampang Agung

Kec. Kutorejo, Kab. Mojokerto, Jawa Timur, Indonesia


Our Story

The story of Seed Origin has a modest start. It all began in 2014, in the remote countryside of Indonesia, where we farmed and sourced sweet potatoes on the island of Eastern Java as a farmer and supplier of raw materials. We journeyed through the hills and mountains in search of high quality produce to supply to our clients. All hands were on deck, and we learned through trial and error. By remaining earnest, passionate, and sure of our purpose, we gained invaluable industry experience and built our own network of loyal customers. It wasn’t easy, but from the get-go we decided not to compromise on our values, and by putting in the hard work and keeping in line with our good morals and ethics, the path has ultimately led to this–quality.

We will always remember where we started and how we ended up where we are today. We will humbly continue to make solid steps toward our goals, not deviating from our core principles: Perseverance, Quality, Credibility and Humility. Our high esteem and confidence comes from the devotion we have for what we do, and we share this attitude throughout the whole organization. We hope to build a sustainable business that will benefit the local farmers and the agricultural industry in Indonesia, by producing the best quality products and respecting our values.

Yours sincerely,


Andrew YW Cho

President Director

Our Vision

We will strive to build a company with a good reputation which anyone from inside and out can trust, especially regarding our morality, ethics, reliability, honesty and quality.

Our Values

1. Perseverance

We believe in working hard. The reward that follows hard work is so much greater than being handed an easy way out, so we persevere all the time.

2. Quality

This is a promise we make both to ourselves and to our customers. We do not compromise on this promise and we believe that being honest to ourselves is the key to upholding it.

3. Credibility

We prioritize a good reputation over anything else. We aim to earn this in all aspects of our business, by being transparent and responsible.  


4. Humility

We will always remember our roots and what it took to make it this far. We will keep the humble farmer's attitude and will not neglect our origin, which is the key to staying true to our other values.



All products of Seed Origin International are manufactured in a hygienic environment using sterile machines and equipments. We have implemented a ‘5S Methodology’ in our daily operation.

  1. Sort (Seiri) – Eliminate obstacles.

  2. Set in order (Seiton) – Arrange all necessary items in order so they are easily accessible for use.

  3. Shine (Seiso) – Clean the workplace thoroughly on a daily basis.

  4. Standardize (Seiketsu) – Establish procedures to ensure the consistency of implementing the first three S'. 

  5. Sustain (Shitsuke) – Automate the routine by expecting self-initiative from the operators.

Labor Practices

Seed Origin International is committed to good labor practices, primarily by providing a safe and positive working environment for our team of employees. We prioritize hiring from local communities and strictly provide equal employment opportunities for all applicants. We regularly provide all expenses paid First Aid Training (including CPR simulation) to our employees in charge of any team in the company, and we invite experts from outside the company to run training programs relevant to each department.

Social Responsibilities 

We believe in coexisting with the local communities around us and always seek to support and help our neighboring communities in association with the local authorities. We make regular charity donations, dispose of all waste appropriately so that the environment around our locality is kept green, and we will continue to aim to contribute in improving the well-being of our local economy.