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Indonesian Pumpkin




PT. Seed Origin International

+62 321 685 0834


Dusun Sampang gg 1, Desa Sampang Agung

Kec. Kutorejo, Kab. Mojokerto, Jawa Timur, Indonesia


Our Products

At Seed Origin International, we offer variety of fruit and vegetable based frozen products which are "ready-for-use" at your convenience. If the product you are looking for is not on the below list, please contact us to discuss how we may support your business.

Our Raw Material Management

Farming Control Department

Seed Origin International began with this division from the start and it is still our most fundamental operational department. We run farming programs in collaboration with farmers and landowners to effectively source and farm the raw materials we need. We collect data from different regions to monitor the farming of our raw materials and anticipate fluctuation in price and quantity in advance.

Sustainable Farming

We program the farming of our raw materials with sustainability in mind. We run tests to find better ways to farm sweet potatoes and other raw materials in Indonesia, and we hand out Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) manuals to our partner farmers to ensure the soil of the farmland gets plenty of rest before new crops are planted. We endeavor to continue our research and education on this area.

Strict Quality Control

We use sweet potatoes grown on farms located above 600m sea level, and we search and select adequate farming locations throughout Java island. Not only do we monitor the farming process with caution, but we inspect the harvested raw materials with a strict quality control standard in place. We document all inspection processes and can systematically back-track the raw material information from the finished product.

Our Expertise in Sweet Potato

Farming High Quality Indonesian Sweet Potatoes
  • The farming of sweet potatoes in Indonesia is a long tradition that has existed since the ancient times, and today Indonesian sweet potatoes are exported all around the world, including countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • We farm and source the highest quality sweet potatoes by adhering to a strict inspection system, in order to deliver the highest quality sweet potato products to our customers. 

Raw Materials to the Production Line—All Managed Internally
  • We have combined our expertise in sweet potatoes with our knowledge of the processing plant, allowing us to control all processes from the raw material to the finishing of production in-house, which results in more reliable quality than our competitors. 

  • We are the only company in Indonesia that spent years farming and sourcing only raw sweet potatoes, before setting up our own production facility. This means we can guarantee the quality of our raw material! 

Stable Quantity and Quality Throughout the Year
  • Our years of experience in the field allows us to source a stable quantity of quality sweet potatoes throughout the year. 

  • We operate farming in various regions, hedging the risk of low yield caused by climate reasons, allowing us to secure our target quantity and quality. 

Product Application Guide

Download our product implementation idea booklet in PDF to help you understand how our products can be implemented in your business.